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Composing email messages

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Compose an email

  1. From the inbox, click Compose.
  2. Enter the recipient’s email address in the To field. Click Address Book to locate an address from your Address Book.
  3. Enter a brief description of your email in the Subject line.
  4. Enter your message in the Body.
  5. Click the Spell Checker icon to check for misspellings.
  6. Click Send.

Add an attachment to your email

  1. From the Compose New Message page, create a new email as usual.
  2. In the Attachments area, do one of the following:
    • Click Upload and select the file you want to attach. If you are using a supported browser, you can also drag and drop attachments from your desktop.
    • Click Record Audio from the Record drop-down list to record an audio file.
    • Click Choose Existing to select a file from locations and tools in your organisation.
  3. Click Add.
  • If you add an attachment and want to delete it before sending, click the Remove icon beside the attachment.
  • You cannot add or download the following file types from email messages in Connect: .asp, .aspx, .exe, .bat, .dll, .com, .asa, .asax, .ascx, .asmx, .axd, .cdx, .cer, .config, .idc, .cs, .csproj, .java, .jsl, .licx, .rem, .resources, .resx, .shtm, .shtml, .stm, .vb, .vbproj, .vjsproj, .vsdisco, .webinfo, .ini.
  • Your organisation determines the size of the attachments you can send. You will receive a warning message if your attachment is larger than the allowable size.
  • Internet Explorer 9 and older currently do not support dragging and dropping files from your desktop into Connect.