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Learner topics

Use the Grades tool to check your grades on assignments and tests. You can see your individual grades and comments, as well as class averages and feedback. You can also view your final grade and the grade formula used to evaluate you once your teacher releases your grades.

Teacher topics

As a teacher or unit assembler, you can determine how to set up your grade book to best reflect your approach to evaluation, including the grading system and grade scheme that is most appropriate for your unit. You can select how grades display to students, how they update in the grade book, and how you want to deal with ungraded items. You can create grade items for projects, assignments, discussions, quizzes, etc. to include in your grade book, and even associate them with other tools (e.g. Dropbox, Quizzes, Discussions).

How do I create a grade book?

How do I create grade items and grade book categories?

How do I manage grade items and grade book categories?

How do I manage grade schemes?

How do I manage users' grades?

How do I manage final grades?

How do I change Grades settings and display options?

What additional Grades resources are available to me?