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Viewing and editing activities

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From the activity list, tapping an activity displays more details.

Activity details in Brightspace Pulse

  1. Activity Title and Course.
    Tip: You can easily distinguish between personal activities you created in Brightspace Pulse and activities created by your instructors in Connect. A personal activity is identified by a Personal label:

    Brightspace Pulse personal activity
  2. Activity details:
    • Date due.
    • Time.
    • Grade worth. This value is initially empty and must be set by the learner.
    • Activity notes, for example, special instructions for an assignment.
  3. Tap Open in Safari (iOS) or Open in Browser (Android) to open the activity in Connect, for example, an exam in the Quizzes tool.
  4. Tap Edit to edit the activity details.
    Note: When editing an activity created in Connect, the Title and Grade worth fields are the only editable fields.