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Log in to Brightspace Pulse

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  1. Tap the Brightspace Pulse app icon Brightspace Pulse icon.
  2. Learn more about Brightspace Pulse by swiping left/right or proceed to the next step by tapping Next.
  3. Tap Pick Your School. You can quickly find your organization by turning on your device's geolocation service. Note: Brightspace Pulse searches for all organizations within a 55km / 34-mile radius from your current location. The list may not include all institutions that use the Brightspace platform (like Connect). If there are no search results, you can type the URL for Connect directly (
  4. Enter your Connect credentials and then tap Log In.
    Brightspace Pulse loads learner unit data by retrieving calendar events from Calendar. These events might include dates from Content, Checklist, Discussions, Assignments, and Quizzes in Connect, if instructors set due dates in these tools.