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Brightspace Pulse interface overview (iOS)

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The Brightspace Pulse interface on iOS

  1. The Calendar icon (iOS) Calendar tab includes Schedule and Week sub-tabs to toggle between views:
    • Schedule view displays a complete list of all activities for the duration of your units.
    • Week view displays a list of activities for the selected day and a graph that displays the week's activities at a glance.
  2. The Courses tab Courses tab displays all units and unit content. By default, this tab displays when you log in to Brightspace Pulse.
  3. The Notifications icon (iOS) Notifications tab displays unit content updates from Connect and allows you to read and reply to discussion threads.
  4. The activity list displays To-dos, Readings, Assignments, and Evaluations.
    • Navigate activities by swiping up or down.
    • Swiping left/right moves to the next/previous week. As you navigate, the graph updates.
    • Tapping an activity displays detailed information and actions you can perform.
    • Tapping a Disabled activity checkmark checkmark icon marks the activity as complete ( Activity checkmark enabled).
  5. From the Calendar tab, with Week view selected, the graph indicates which days are the busiest.
    • Navigate weeks by swiping left/right or using Apple VoiceOver. As you navigate, the activity list updates.
    • Tapping a day updates the activity list.
  6. The Add Activity icon (iOS) Add activity icon allows you to fill in any gaps in your schedule.
  7. The Course Filter icon (iOS) Course filter icon filters the Schedule and Week view by units and/or activities.
  8. The Settings icon (iOS) Settings icon allows you to log out, provide feedback, or view the version number.