A reference guide for Students using Connect at TAFE Queensland.

View unit announcements

Use the Announcements tool to read educator messages, unit information, current events, and more.

Announcements items appear in the Announcements widget on the unit homepage, but you can also receive instant notifications about postings through email, and RSS feeds.

Global Announcements about Connect, TAFE Queensland events or other important updates will appear on the My Home homepage.

Enable notifications in Announcements

You can sign up to receive immediate email notifications when new and updated Announcements items appear.

Before you begin: You must set up a contact method before subscribing to notifications.

  1. From your personal menu on the minibar, click Notifications.
  2. For the Announcements - item updated option and Announcements - new item available option, select if you want to receive email notifications.

Subscribe to an Announcements RSS feed

You can subscribe to an Announcements RSS feed and receive daily updates of all Announcements items in an RSS reader. This allows you to access an aggregate of Announcements items without logging into Connect.

  1. On My Home (or your unit homepage) click Announcements.
  2. Do either of the following:
    • On the Announcements page, click RSS.
    • From the Announcements widget menu, click RSS.
  1. Add this URL to the RSS feed reader service of your choice (e.g Feedly, Digg Reader, NewsBlur etc).