A reference guide for Educators using Connect at TAFE Queensland.

Set the calendar status of all unit objects

Use the Manage Dates tool to view, edit, and offset the date availability and set the calendar status of all content topics and modules, discussion topics and forums, assignment submissions folders, grades categories and items, Announcements items, and quizzes in your unit from one central location.

These unit objects display in a grid that you can sort by any of the column headings. You can also filter the grid by specific tool and use advanced filter options to work with smaller sets of objects. If you filter your unit objects, any bulk changes you make apply only to the filtered results. This enables you to update multiple availability dates based on specific criteria.

In addition to managing dates, you can open each unit object in a new window by clicking on its name. This launches the object's edit page where you can edit additional properties for that object without leaving the Manage Dates tool.

Offset dates in Manage Dates

The Manage Dates tool enables you to move start dates and end dates forward or backward by a specified number of days. You can use this to move unit content forward to a new term.

  1. On the navbar, click Unit Admin.
  2. Click managedates_managedates_10.4 Manage Dates.
  3. Select the check box by any item for which you want to offset dates.
  4. Click managedates_offsetdates Offset Dates.
  5. In the Offset Dates dialog, enter your offset details.
  6. Click Save.