A reference guide for Educators using Connect at TAFE Queensland.

About unit administration

The Unit Administration area is a central area for accessing tools related to setting up and managing your unit. From the Unit Administration area, you can access many tools to help you run your unit smoothly. Some of the tasks you can accomplish include:

Activate a unit offering

Activating a unit makes the unit appear in the registered learner's My Units widget. Activating a unit also makes it available to learners if you have not set a Start Date and/or End Date for your unit.

If you have a Start Date for your unit that is later than the day you activate your unit, the unit appears in the My Units widget, but is not available to learners until the date specified.

If you have an End Date for your unit and your unit is not deactivated, after that specified date passes, the unit remains visible in the My Units widget, but is not available to learners.

  1. On the unit home page, click The edit course admin icon Unit Admin > Unit Offering Information.
  2. Review the Active status (True or False).
    Tip: Deactivating a unit offering hides it from learners without actually deleting it. This way the content (including user data) can be kept for future use. Contact your administration team to activate/deactivate units.
  3. Click Save.

Unit Admin offering information

You can review the properties of your unit offering, on the Unit Offering Information page.

  1. On the navbar, click Unit Admin.
  2. Click book_green_10.4 Unit Offering Information.
  3. Review your information like Unit Name, Unit code, Business Unit, Active Status, Intake Period, Start Date, and End Date.

Search for units

The Search for units field only appears in your My Units widget if you have been enrolled in over 100 units in Connect.

  1. On the Unit Selector Dropdown, in the Search for units field, enter a value.
  2. To add parameters to your search, click Advanced Search.
  3. Do any of the following:
    • To search for units by business unit, in the Business unit drop-down list, select a business unit.
    • To search for units by intake period, in the Intake Period drop-down list, select a intake period.
    • To search for units by status, in the Active drop-down list, select active or inactive.
    • To search by start date, in the Unit Start drop-down list, select an option. In the filter fields, enter dates.
    • To search by end date, in the Unit End drop-down list, select an option. In the filter fields, enter dates.
  1. Click the Search icon.