A reference guide for Educators using Connect at TAFE Queensland.

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Last updated: May 2018

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Set up and deliver a unit

A high-quality online experience for students begins with a unit that is organised, logical, and clearly defines its own learning outcomes.

To achieve this, educators and assemblers should consider reviewing the following areas.

Set up unit

Creating Unit Content

Design an accessible unit

Administer a unit

Monitoring a unit

Interact and engage with learners

An engaging unit allows students to stay up to date and informed, creates opportunities to collaborate, gives a platform to have questions asked (and answered), and embeds ongoing educator advice and support.

Educators can interact and engage with learners in Connect by reviewing the following areas.

Post unit announcements

Create private and group chat rooms

Email learners

Create and manage discussion forums

Create FAQs for learners

Create group work areas for learners

Assess and grade learners

Assessment items are a critical component of any successful unit, and can be a common point of stress for students if incorrectly delivered. Assessments should be clearly defined, and give students clear expectations about due dates and requirements. Assessment feedback should be personalised and descriptive. Assessment results should be accurate, and delivered back to students in a timely manner.

To assess and grade learners in Connect, educators should review the following areas.

Create a grading system

Evaluate an activity based on a predefined set of criteria

Creating quizzes


Grade assignments on-the-go