Understanding site organisation using assistive technology

Connect is organized into two levels of information. Organisation-related information that appears on My Home, and unit-related information that appears on Unit Home and different unit tools.

My Home

When you log in to Connect, My Home is the first page you access. It is a central area for checking TAFE Queensland-wide news and events, and opening organisation-level tools.

Like all pages in Connect, My Home has a navigation area across the top of the page that includes the minibar and the navbar. The minibar contains links and menus specific to you, such as links to your units and alerts about events on your calendar. The navbar contains links to different tools. Since My Home is an organisation-level page, the links on the navbar for My Home usually go to organisation-level or unit-independent tools, such as My Overall Progress, Other Systems or Help/Support. For screen readers and other assistive technology, the navbar has a hidden default Heading 2 called Navigation, and it is organized using ordered lists.

Other My Home content is organized into Widgets. Typical widgets include Announcements, My Units, and Calendar. Using an assistive technology program, you can navigate and search for widgets using Heading 2, and navigate across sections using Heading 3.

One of the main purposes of My Home is to provide access to organisation-level tools and information. If you are using a screen reader, you can view a list of links or headings on My Home to familiarize yourself with the available options.

Unit Home

Unit Home is the first page you visit when you enter a unit. To access a Unit Home, you must select it from the unit selector on the minibar, select it from the My Units widget, or use the search feature to find the unit. If you are using the My Units widget and have more than one role in Connect (for example, you are both a student and a teacher in different units), you select the role tab, and then view the units for that role. Depending on the screen reader, tabs might be read as tabs or links. In both cases, tabs are read as the first content immediately following the widget heading.

Unit Home is a central area for accessing unit-specific information. Like My Home, Unit Home pages have a navigation area across the top of the page, and a number of widgets that contain information and links. Information and links on Unit Home are specific to the unit. For example, the navigation area for Unit Home contains links to Content, Assignments, Grades, Discussions, and Quizzes for that specific unit. Use Heading 2 to navigate to the main Navigation area and the different unit widgets.


Landmarks are waypoints that a screen reader uses to navigate a page. In general, Connect uses two landmarks:

  • The navbar has a landmark called Navigation.
  • The main body of all pages has a landmark called Main.