Navigating Connect

Connect enables you to access unit material online. Within the system, there are a number of learning tools that contain unit content. This section of the guide discusses how the system is laid out, and how different functionality, settings, and preferences benefit individuals that navigate the system using a screen reader or other assistive technology that interprets the contents of a page.

Different assistive technologies have specific functionality, shortcuts, and commands. Ensure that you review the help material for your assistive technology to ensure you are getting the most benefit and assistance.

Logging in to Connect using assistive technology

By default, the Login page for Connect has three form elements: Username, Password, and Log in. The Username field has focus when you enter the page. The Password field and Log in button are the next tab options.

There are three additional options displayed as links:

The Password Manager link opens a new window where you can request a password reset link.

The System Check link opens a new page that checks your computer for the minimum requirements of Connect. If you do not meet one of the minimum requirement criteria, a message appears that explains which components need to be updated.

The Connect Help link opens a new window to the Connect Help site, a reference guide for using Connect at TAFE Queensland.

Logging out of Connect using assistive technology

The Logout link is available in your personal menu on the minibar at the top of all pages. The personal menu opens when you click your name on the minibar. You can open the personal menu using an assistive technology's links list, or by tabbing through the minibar links at the top of the page.

Connect will automatically log you out of the system if you are inactive for an extended period of time (this is currently set at 3 hours). A JavaScript warning provides an option to remain logged in before your time expires.